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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Go ahead Rev. Wright

I heard the speech that Jeremiah Wright made tonight for the NAACP in Detriot. Quite frankly, not that I would have thought him the God-Damn-America-Caricature that Republicans and some in the media have tried to make him out to be, but I gladly say that I would feel very comfortable at his church hearing his rousing and moving sermons.

I would feel more comfortable hearing a sermon by this man than the man I grew up listening to with my parents and Grandmother, Pastor John Hagee of Texas.

Already the spin doctors are out in force on the fair and balanced news network and in the lighted camps of the more unsavory republican quarters parsing the words of Reverend Wright. One CNN contributor, a Republican strategists went so far as to stretch and say how dare Rev. Wright suggest that children learn differently from each other, specifically that black children learn in different ways than white children. Good lord, we all know that's true that children of different cultures and back grounds do learn in different ways from each other.

Oh well, let's see how people try and pull him down for what was a great speech.

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