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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Gay Rites

It's been an interesting couple of days for reading in two of my preffered periodicals. First the NY Times online featured an article from the NYT Magazine on Gay Rites on the younger LGBT generation as they're afforded the right to marry in Boston, and then yesterday the Times UK had in their comment section a piece by NH Bishop Gene Robinson in anticipation of his upcoming book release, civil union ceremony and Lambeth Conference.

Both articles have been fascinating to read and run the generation gambit and offer complimentary views on the institution - one coming from the Reverend and his more solemn and subdued view of being in a partnered relationship and taking the plunge after a 20 year relationship. The other focuses on the young 20-somethings who have been dating for a couple-few years and seem in their youthful abandon to be fools rushing in.

It's interesting that the NYT article insinuates that it's this generation and not the older generation that Mr. Robinson belongs to that are diving head first, when it would seem just the oposite. But I suppose that's simply buying into the stereotype that behaviorally young gay men are more sexually exposed than there heterosexual counterparts, a stereotype that with the growing acceptance of gays and lesbians in society will probably go out the door or be relegated to yet another behavioral subset.

Another interesting fact that both articles insinuate is that these relationships whether rushed in or developed over decades will mirror married life in America with all of its ups and downs ins and outs problems and solutions - from fidelity to finances, children and beyond.
*pictures are from the Times UK and NYT respectively

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Gashwin said...

Read Get Religion's coverage of the NYTSM article.

Mattheus Mei said...

Thanks for the Link, looks like my opinion kind of matches up with the observation made by the author of that post at Get Religion. It is amazing how, at least it was portrayed, that just the opposite of "conservatives" concerns have occurred with the institution of 'marriage' in Massachusettes