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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Columbia Approves Sunday Sales of Alcohol!

That's no April fools folks, the electorate has spoken and we want to allow convenience shops, grocery stores and ABC stores to open, if they want, on Sundays. The Margin was 70% to 30% with a difference of 4137 votes. No news yet on whether or not if specifically liquor/beer/wine stores that do opt to open will have to wait till 1PM like other retail stores or if they'll be treated like grocery stores with no limitations on opening/closing. But again, will ropes remain in grocery stores and convenience shops if spirits are deemed retail as opposed to grocery? I guess we should look to those places in SC that already allow Sunday sales for the answer- Charleston County to name one. Per The State though:

The sales should begin soon, Mayor Bob Coble said.

“I think the permitting process should move pretty quickly,” he said. “You could be buying beer and wine on Sunday by the end of the month.”

In the other Day of folly election news Incumbent Daniel Rickenmann won his seat by a margin of 12 percentage points against his only viable competitor Cameron Runyan. Belinda Gergel defeated Bryan-proven-leader-watch-out-when-I'm-drunk-fisticuffs-Boyer pretty even handedly. So that means the make up of City Council stays pretty much the same. The Status Quo Remains. So at least for a couple of more years Columbia has to make due with beleagured progress with a slightly democratic leaning council.

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Anonymous said...

I have not seen any ropes in the city... I think you may be confused as to which county you are in. I was when I first made the move from the country to the city.. I would drive across the river and there were ropes stay on the eastern side of the river and there were no ropes. Harbison is has the county line running all over it....