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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Clinton's Queer Credentials in Question

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Not Very Bright has before called into question the reason the LGBT community supports Clinton so vociferiously.

Even more recently over at Waldo Lydecker's Journal, the author made note that Clinton - yet again - did not acknowledge the support of Gays (H/T NVB), when her opponent has and continues to do so.

And then we arrive today at yet another slap in the LGBT face. According to the smoking gun, Governor Mike Easley of North Carolina (a blue dog democrat) endorsed Mrs. Clinton saying she "makes Rocky Balboa look like a pansy." The smoking gun is correct in assuming that people will take offense to that remark because yes, pansy is a derrogatory term for homosexual men. But something tells me Mrs. Clinton will not be called upon to distance herself from those remarks despite her opponent being called to do so for what in reality amounts to an even lesser slight and one that is at least not as blatant - McClurkingate.

It's sad, it's disturbing and the LGBT community should wake up and see that the support Mrs. Clinton offer's is cursory at best and pandering in the most. It's disturbing to believe that many in the LGBT community see the necessity of her election because she's a "tough woman" - they may say it's because she's got substance and experience but in reality it is this deep seated notion that if a woman get's elected it will somehow make all things better for gays because the glass ceiling in which women rightly identify and who gay men cling to because of solidarity and attachment to the femenist movement will be shattered. Guess what, it won't. Under her husband don't ask don't tell was enacted, never repealled - and she said nothing. Under her husband the defence of marriage act was passed and she did nothing. Under her husband was the opportunity to create ENDA as well as hate crime legislation for the LGBT community, and nothing happened and nothing was said. This campaign has done nothing but proven (despite the scales over the eyes of the LGBT community) that at the end of the day Hillar is not in it for the workers, she's not in it for the LGBT community, she's in it for Hillary.

The LA Times is now saying that the Clinton Campaign is non-apologetic and that the Humans Rights Campaign issued a soft response which is line with their googley eyed position as Hillary's lap dog.

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