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Friday, March 07, 2008

SC 'Conservative' Blogosphere alite over Rickenmann

FitsNews a center-right blog, and Palmetto Scoop - a far right blog picked up a story from the wires that we at the Notebook have been sitting on by request since prior to the Vote Pink party.

Columbia city councilman Daniel Rickenmann introduced and lead to passing legislation that would prevent discrimination in regards to leasing and housing rights as well as public accomodations for members of the LGBT community - in other words, your landlord can't kick you out or deny you housing, whether that land lord is an individual or a corporation or Public Housing authority, based on your sexual orientation.

Mr. Rickenmann has been a supporter of LGBT rights for years in Columbia - working behind the scenes in order to get inclusive language into the cities books, including supporting the feat of work place non-discrimination against LGBT persons. This past autumn Mr. Rickenmann was the welcoming speaker for Columbia Pride in Finlay Park.

Mr. Rickenmann is running against Cameron Runyan for his at-large district, who is also a strong advocate for LGBT rights in Columbia.

Mr. Runyan advocates new city contract awards being required to adopt the workplace non-discrimination policy of the city.

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