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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The math...

An interesting article from BeyondChron on the delegate math for the democratic nomination and how there's a certain amount of spin from the MSM to "keep the dog and pony show" going as well as the incorrect presentation of the actual numbers by the MSM.

A friend had the following to say about the article, in review:

The notion of fairness is supposed to be about objectivity, but when put in practice, it's always subjective. Affirmative Action isn't practiced the way it was conceived, and neither is Equal Time when it comes to politics in the mainstream media. The story of a woman and a black man running for president is too juicy to give up before the last possible moment, so the coverage of it as a neck-and-neck horserace is likely to continue barring any major controversy.

But in fairness, or at least my version of what is fair, the overal numbers between Clinton and Obama are a lot closer together than Huckabee and McCain. If, say, something shockingly horrible comes out about Obama (which is still in the realm of possibility-- just ask golden boy Eliot Spitzer), Clinton could rack up the rest of the states and the uncommitted delegates would swing to her. The Clinton camp isn't going to discount such a possibility. Huckabee was never in that kind of numerical scenario with McCain.

I would not put it past Clinton to play hardball with pledged delegates, though. Didn't Bill get some of those pledged delegates elected? Wouldn't they like to be in the second coming of the Clinton administration? Pledges aren't locked in certainties, and Denver could turn into the night of the Clintonazi long knives. I hope it doesn't, but I don't have the greatest confidence in the DNC's ability to select an appropriately electable candidate to counter the GOP.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

math who needs stinking math when you are or want to be POTUS, just look at our current POTUS the math did not add up but the press played it up and now we are in a war that should have been long over. If the media says it's true well it must be that way after all they are paid to be "fair and balanc... err... objective"