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Monday, March 10, 2008

Illegal Immigration is God's punishment for Abortion!

I love the First Ammendment. I love the fact that we live in a free society where people can protest about anything for any reason in the public square. Today I was walking to lunch and I had the opportunity to witness such an expression of that right at our State House.

On the way to lunch I saw this man standing on a Flag of the country of Mexico. While he and the rest of his friends stood in attention for the speaker at the podium I took the photo, then happened to stand and listen as a Preacher came forth and said a prayer. It included references to repentance and the necessity of Jesus, the thankfulness of Christ mission on earth and how he truly died, was buried and was raised again, and then went on to pray for an end to illegal immigrants entering our country and for bold tough leadership to stand up against illegals -- Mmm, the sentiments of my God are alive and well today on the lips of his most devoted of followers.

I was actually suprised when returning from lunch as I crossed the State House Grounds to see the protest still going on, people were milling around (no speaker or preacher this time) some enjoying a bagged lunch and I noticed the abortion man. In addition to his normal large poster of a dead baby he had a sign that said "This is God's reason for invasion of Illegals, ABORTION!" I had to chuckle and laugh and wonder if he would be willing to go around to various protests and protest with them so long as he got to make references to dead babies and Abortion as the reason for said punishment from on High.

"This is God's reason for (Enter Societal Problem Here), ABORTION"

It would appear to only take $50 plus mileage and lunch. This is God's reason for Global Warming, Abortion! This is God's reason for Sanjaya, Abortion! This is God's reason for Reality TV, Abortion!

God Bless America.

*Sorry for the poor cell phone quality photos! And check out the Ron Paul sign the first guy is carrying!

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