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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

10 in a row!!!

Ten overwhelming victories in a row. I can say overwhelming because of the margin of points that Obama wins - when he wins, he wins big. Ms. Clinton - not so much, her margin of victories pale in comparison. (Just check out this map at the NY Times and you'll see what I mean)

Ironically Hillary is still saying: "You know, when I think about what we're really comparing in this election, you know, we can't just have speeches. We've got to have solutions. And we need those solutions for America."

Funny enough all she seems to do is give this speech. Where are her solutions? She claims to be a policy wonk, then where's it at, where's the explanation of her solutions, where's her actions, where's the substance and experience to back it up? All she does these days is attack... and retreat.

Now a friend of mine down in Georgia - certainly no devil - says that America will get tired of Obama's 'montonous message' of hope and change, I say they might, but I prefer to agree with David Brooks on the matter - though the mania may fade, the connection has been made and is still there. I suppose I'm still hopped up on hope-amine, but unlike many others in the face of what I experienced in SC I'm not one to be coming down anytime soon.

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