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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Legislature gives Governor 'The Business'

There are certain oddities about South Carolina that one can't help but appreciate. I especially take notice when a news report says this about our Government...

"Lawmakers usually ignore the governor's proposals when they start working on the budget for the fiscal year that begins July 1st."

So it's not just the South Carolina Low Country Syntax that's similar to our cousins across the sea and to the North, even our Government is more akin to the Parliamentary System than to that of our Republican neighbours and compatriots. I'm really surprised that the Governor hasn't figured that out yet. Arguably the two most powerful men in South Carolina are not Mark Sanford and Andre Bauer. You might as well compare them to Bess and Chuck of the UK comparatively. The real power rests in the hands of one Bobby Harrell as Premier and Glenn McConnell Senate President Pro Tempore although I doubt he'd admit that Mr. Harrell is truly the driving force and he's nothing more than his Senatorial Patsy. All Sanford can do is whine and veto which in the end accomplishes nothing.
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