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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A question of Christian Ethics

Recently I played Devil's Advocate on another blog by posting a statement question in the comments section. It generated passionate responses. Passionate is a nice way of putting it. So if I can pose a question... and please feel free to respond - respectively to the question or the commenter.

I think it's poignant to have this debate considering our current divide (almost completely down party lines)

Which life is more worth the saving, that of a child or that of an adult ?

Some additional guidelines: You must pick one, and responses need to be supported by Biblical passages, Patristic writings and/or declarations of the Church. Responses without the support of one or more of the 'guidelines' won't count.

I removed my own prejudicial caveats from the question (born or unborn) from following child and (sinner) from following adult to make it a more 'fair and balanced' question.

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