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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Obama and Huckabee first in Iowa

I must say I'm not surprised by the results, they're about what I'd consider them to have been. I am perturbed with the MSM for their frenzy coverage. But they're not going to change. I suppose I would have figured that after the outcry over 'projecting' winners and how that influences voter turnout, voter decision, etc - that they would be a bit more restrained... Instead, an hour after the voting began (9pm eastern) they'd already projected the winners. Not saying that that influenced the results, but who knows...

So the results:
For the Democrats
Obama 38%
Edwards 30%
Clinton 29%

And Republican'ts
Huckabee 34%
Romney 25%

More coverage obviously can be found with the various MSM articles.


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