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Monday, January 07, 2008

My first Hipster Wedding

I feel like Jane Goodall, or perhaps a cultural anthropologist. This is the second post I'm dedicating to Hipsterality. But this is neither Gorillas in the Mist nor a study of a seculded tribe in Papau New Guinea.

This past weekend I had the priveledge of attending my childhood best friend's wedding. We grew up together for sometime then his family moved away, the fact that our families were so close meant that we always at least spent time at Thanksgiving and Christmas together. Anywho, it was my first true Hipster (i.e. not a synthetic d.b) wedding.

It took place but beautiful church in Conway, SC. Brown Swamp United Methodist. The church was simply decorated with boquets of cut bamboo calla lillies and an assortment of green berries, and lots of candles. The only lighting in the churhc was candles. My dear friend and his groomsmen wore chocolate/coffee suits. The Bridesmaids wore soft green - I believe it was Satin. The Bride was beautiful in her simple yet elegant white dress. But that's not what made this a Hipster wedding.

So what did?

The music and the ceremony. Their was a mixed CD created by the groom of various soft and melodic songs that he and his bride loved and considered their own. A mix of modern indie rock that included the likes of Mates of State and Feist and oldie classics like the Beach Boys, the Jackson 5 amongst many others. The Bride marched down the isle to live music performed by two guitarist singing John Lennon and Paul McCartney's Here There Everywhere. The preacher strayed from the traditional language of marriage and used more inclusive (post modern?) language in reference to the relationship of Husband and Wife - more as equals than as one subject to the other. And let's not forget the monologue about the nature of Rings. This pontification included not the traditional - circle that is unbroken yada yada yada, but instead historical interpretations as symbols of power for both parties and a curious, provocative and interesting exposition of JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings.

The ceremony in the church was followed by a reception in the church hall. Again more candles. Lots of Candles (scented like vanilla) in interesting vases filled with coffee beans. The Church is obviously home to aesthetes as the hall was fitted with recessed lighting which only added to the intimate feel. The menu included beef stew (sans the liquidity) Shrimp and Grits and a vegetable stew and yellow rice. There were a variety of elegant deserts.

So yes it was a Hipster wedding, but in the end, it was just a wedding, a wedding that I'm ever grateful that I could attend and help celebrate. So good luck Drew and Ashley!

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Anonymous said...

It's in a church, therefore, it is not hipster! candles don't = hipster

ericwa said...

Try going to Naplesweddingcatering.com

Anonymous said...

What is hip about Mates of State?