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Monday, December 03, 2007

Six Flags over Jesus a 'whale' of a good time

The good folk of Six Flags Over Jesus were looking for a little liebensraum. First they decided to expand the sanctuary into Stadium style seating akin to a sporting arena or concert venue. The structure rivals even the Colonial Center and First Baptist Church in terms of structure and equipment.

Now they've finally settled in on a new mascot. No worries, it ain't Mooby.

They've erected a bronze statue of Jonah and the Whale. No this isn't a strange remake of the book of Exodus, no golden calf, idol worshiping here. Nor is it an admission to Catholics and Orthodox that Icons are okay to use in liturgical worship. It's an homage to the story of Jonah the OT prophet who refused to do God's Will and was swallowed by a great Fish. He's freed when finally submitting to the will of God to preach to the Ninivites of their impending doom. He was only not so happy with his God at all because they heeded his call and were saved. Jonah stands for a narrow and vindictive mentality*, all too common among the Jews of that period. Because they were the chosen people, a good many of them cultivated an intolerant nationalism which limited the mercy of God to their nation. It was abhorrent to their way of thinking that nations as wicked as Assyria should escape his wrath. (per USCCB intro to Jonah). Sorry for the poor cellphone picture quality.

In this instance either the Whale is on the verge of eating Jonah, or because the structure also involves a fountain with water spouting out of its mouth into Jonah's crotch, is expelling him from his belly. It's an interesting piece of sculpture.

The next phase of rumored expansion is the Baptismal Log Flume, feasibility studies are being performed to determine the costs and liability associated with three downward and dunking slopes to make sure it's good and trinitarian.

So what does all this say about Shandon Baptist?

*As a side note I grew up in the SBC and for Spiritual and Intellectual (Theological and Rational) reasons I left that ecclesial community in favor of Holy Momma, the RCC. So I apologize if I offend any Baptists, I have many a Baptist family member and friend, but I reserve the right to hold fast to my bitterness, while being sarcastic, sardonic, cynical and more than a bit satirical. I understand that my bitterness makes me just as much a "Jonah" as the Bishops define than even the myopic Baptist I seethe against.

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