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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Phelps' Financials Unsealed

According to the Baltimore Sun, a Federal Judge in Baltimore has released the financial statements of Westboro Baptist Church and the Phelps'. Although the documents unfortunately, and much to my chagrin, don't reveal the sources of income for the church and its leading family. Documents did seem to point out that they Phelps' each had amassed a certain (still kinda low) amount of debt in pursuit of their ideological harassment.

The family and 'institution' have asked the Federal Judge for a stay in judgement, the motion has yet to be heard. Hopefully they Court will toss the motion out, also the group has sought the intervention of the US Supreme Court - I doubt the high court would dare intervene at this time (and hopefully not at all). This is all on the heels of last months decision to award the family of Matthew Snyder a fallen soldier damages because of the Westboro Group's protest of his funeral.

Despite the Judgement and the revelation of so "little money" the Church has a very busy protest schedule ahead of them. They're even planning on protesting Finland(link is a PDF), whether that means a demonstration in Helsinki or of the Embassy in DC has yet to be announced, either way the fact that they're financially able to continue this scheduled parade of hate across this nation (and the ocean) means that those financial statements aren't revealing something. Who knows, maybe the North Carolina Baptist Convention in conjunction with their co-religionists are sliding money under the table to these Yahoos, they say they don't support Phelps, but would I be suprised? Nope.

And this link is just for my Roman Catholic Co-Religionists. Courtesy of the Phelps Family and Westboro www.priestsrapeboys.com, yes that's right they've devoted an entire website to why the Catholic Church is an agent of Satan - nothing they say of course is anything necessarily new - remember the pamphlets and pictures and articles from the Reformation, but the fact is they get monetary support from somewhere to support those ideas too, and their justification for that ideology is not based on religion as much as facts. After all:

There are over 1 billion Catholics in the world - that's one out of every six people alive today - and every single one of them will split hell wide open when they die - period. And there is nothing they can do about it. God Almighty has chosen their delusion (Isa 66:4, 2 Thes. 2:11). Every time any person gives any amount of money to the Catholic Church, that person is paying the salary of pedophile rapists. Not merely looking the other way, mind you, but actually paying the salaries of thousands of criminal, sexual deviants, who try to pass themselves off as men who have moral authority, but who are, in fact, the basest of men (Dan. 4:17). Who would rationally conceive of actually paying the salaries of pedophile rapists? And yet, that is exactly what all the parishioners of the Catholic Church are doing today. For those who try to justify their particular parish by arguing that their priest doesn't molest boys, consider this. Do you think that the money put in that plate stays local? These are fungible assets that go into the main pot of the Catholic church and are returned for local use on an as needed basis (and are used as payouts and hush money in sexual molestation cases). And are there any priests preaching against this horrendous sin from the pulpit, denouncing the 'church' and demanding that his parishioners have nothing to do with it? Every member of the Catholic clergy, without exception, is a minister of Satan, and the parishioners love the lies that they are fed, and offer up their children to these monstrous, vile beasts (Lev. 18:21).

I'm beginning to believe that Fred Phelps is a Sodomite himself, all the hatred and delusional behaviors hiding behind religion. I'd almost be willing to give some one $5 to come up with a picture of Phelps and Photoshop it so that he's in the act if you know what I mean. After all he did come up with this picture:

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