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Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Democrats hit Sin City

Don't read too much into that. I must admit, I liked this format, for some reason I'm reminded of Newt Gingrich because he suggested a similar format - albeit one that would only be between "the final two." But right away, as the MSM is wont to do the debate seemed to become the Hillary, Obama, and John Edwards show. The moderator Wolf Blitzer kept going between the three for responses to the others comments, on the heels of the fact that the questioners, two other CNN hosts (John Roberts and Campbell Brown), seemed to direct all of their questions to the Democratic Triumvirate. So out of sympathy it made me think that the other candidates would have been served better on a debate by themselves, but it would unfortunately have ended up like this....

I'm happy to say though that the others did get to put their two cents in every now and then. I was really impressed with two candidates that I've not heard much about, but who responded well (when they got the chance) Sen.s Joe Biden and Chris Dodd.

So congratulations go to CNN for recognizing the need for an appropriate format, although I frown on the fact that the "other" candidates like the two mentioned above didn't get an opportunity to truly respond. Like when Bill Richardson was actually raising his hand only to be ignored by Wolf Blitzer.

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Anonymous said...

Your kudos to Christopher Dodd and Joe Biden for their performance in last night's debate was well-deserved. Of all the candidates, Republican as well as Democrat, only these two are qualified to be president by virtue of their long experience and mastery of both foreign and domestic policy.

Their answers to moderators' question were crisp, succinct and specific. They did not obfuscate, pander or waffle. And the media largely ignores them.

It appears that we are doomed to elect an endless succession of clowns to the White House - as we have been doing for decades - clowns who are perfect fools for the corporations and mega-rich who have successfully hijacked our government and brazenly use it to promote their own interests rather than the interests of the people.

When are we going to wake up?

Al Smith, California

Mattheus Mei said...

Thanks Al for you comment, you're right, when are we going to wake up? I think the tenor of this country indicates that Americans are beginning to do just that. Just look at the results of many of the elections from this, an off year. Around the country stories are emerging of Mr. Smith's coming to their own in local politics, this hopefully will be an indication of the things to come.