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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Confirmation BCBSSC offers Gays Benefits in '08

I posted earlier this week on Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina and the rumor that I had was circulating that they were offering domestic partner benefits. I had verified from many employees that this was true, but I wanted to see it in black and white, so a friend from the company faxed me the page from the benefits packet. Click the image to enlarge.

Why is this important? I've heard that questions a few times since the original post went up. Of course it would seem obvious with the national trends that such a large company as BCBSSC would offer these benefits, they even say as much themselves. But the fact is this is South Carolina.

This is a major state in the Bible Belt. Not only did we outlaw gay marriage, domestic partnerships and the like we put it in our constitution. Our lawmakers dotted every i and crossed every t to where we don't even recognize common law marriages anymore between a heterosexual couple. In a way the actions of BCBSSC even though probably not intentional is like an apology to the GLBT community of South Carolina and SC's gay families despite our politicians and pulpiteers

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