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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Six Nuns Excommunicated

I read about it first at Ruth Gledhill, but have since found more details via Catholic News Service. It appears six nuns in Arkansas have been excommunicated from the Church for continuing to embrace the herectical teachings of the Army of Mary (see circling the wagons part deux). Here's a snippit from the CNS article:

On Sept. 18, Msgr. Hebert visited with the sisters and their chaplain, Father Erik Pohlmeier, who is also pastor of St. John the Baptist Church in Hot Springs. After reading the declaration, Msgr. Hebert gave the eight sisters in attendance one week to prayerfully consider their decision between the Army of Mary and full communion with the Catholic Church.

He returned to the monastery the night of Sept. 25 and accepted the decision of six of the women religious to leave the church. Two of the other sisters are living in a nursing home and could not "knowingly and deliberately" choose to remain with the Army of Mary, according to Msgr. Hebert. One of the sisters is about 90 years old and is the order's oldest member.

An update:

"When asked if the sisters would ever attend Mass at a Catholic church in Hot Springs, she said, "Surely not." She said the sisters have not resumed offering perpetual adoration as was done for the past seven years."


"In a phone interview with Arkansas Catholic, the superior, Sister Theresa Marie Lalancette, confirmed the monastery now has an excommunicated priest who is a member of the Army of Mary celebrating Mass for them every day."

and who can resist this pithy remark

"Many of them (reports from Church leadership) are lies. Everything will be cleared up in time," the superior said, adding she did not want to elaborate on the beliefs of the Army of Mary."

The full article can be found at the Arkansas Catholic

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