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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter

Thus is inscribed on the gates of Hell - and thus should be inscribed on the Gates of the SC State Fair. Let me clarify.

I joined Pam, Sara, Zach and Karen for lunch today at the State Fair. The food was fantastic and fattening (could it be anything else?). I saw my cousin from Cheraw and her family who had taken the day off to come to the fair. She intimated to me the exorbitant cost of coming to the fair, and they'd only been there an hour....

Here's where my complaints come in. I bought an order of fried mushrooms, a corn dog and two sodas - total cost $16. That's the price of a meal at a reasonable restaurant here in town that wouldn't be nearly as unhealthy. Let's not forget that they charge $7 to get in (although since I was part of the lunch crowd I only had to pay, which I got back upon leaving). To top it off, here it is - Wednesday, mid-week, and the fair is causing such a traffic jam down town. It took nearly 15 minutes to get there. And welcome to SC - it was 85 degrees out, what joy!
The trip back to the office is what got me though.
I went out the wrong exit to get to the buses, and they wouldn't let me quickly go back through (I would have to get back in line) - so I walked around the parameter of the grounds. Only to be snapped at by deputy-dawg who was directing the mire that was the traffic because I began crossing the road before the car he was motioning to stop fully stopped... (whatever) then the bus was late - how late?? well the one I got on was 7 minutes late, the one I was waiting for??? 30 minutes. WOW.

And I wonder why I've not been to the fair since I was a kid (oh and if you're wondering, after only being in the fair for an hour - my cousin's family had already shelled out $80 - in one hour!!!)

Don't get me wrong, I've been to the fair during the evenings and enjoyed it, I enjoyed seeing all the beautiful artwork as I walked through the Canty Building. I enjoyed my company and seeing some family - so I'm trying not to let the heat, the cost, and the time expended over my allotted lunch hour dampen the experience over all. I just had to rant.

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