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Friday, September 14, 2007

Bridging the Great Divide

It appears that the great divide in western culture that began in the 17 & 18th century with what secularist call the enlightenment and coreligionist call the return of the dark ages may be lessening, if only slightly. As mankind faces the truth (all the relativists gasp!),with two distinct philosophies on the left - the anti-humanism of Non-American Greens (thanks Gashwin, I admit you and sp!ke have a valid point on the current global green movement) and on the right - skeptics of environmental change, who usually are ultra-capitalists and certain coreligionists, there are sudden shifts in attitudes happening between both sides and the possible emergence of a consensus.

On September 12 the centrists came forth and began to bridge the gap. Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople (Istanbul) Bartholmew I of the Orthodox Church, given the epithet the Green Patriarch lead a group of leaders from across the religious spectrum on a boat ride down the coast of Greenland to examine the quickly disappearing ice, according to the Christian Science Monitor.

Carl Pope, executive director of the Sierra Club, says the event was indicative of the progress that was being made bridging the divide between environmentalism and faith. Environmentalism is really the intersection of science and ethical principles," he says. "I was part of the generation that made the choice – the horrendous strategic blunder – of situating ourselves outside the institutions of faith. Now we have a chance to repent for and reform from that error."

What does it mean exactly?

Religion has always had a pronounced effect on mankind. This past quarter century has proved more than ever in modern history that religion can be used as a way to divide people, make them red or blue, liberal or conservative, republican or democrat. But here you see it can also bring people together as in times past for the common good and best interest of the human family.

I opine this, as we see the loosening of the grips on religion by the small but vocal and militant band of ultra conservatives and unrestrained capitalists and a shift in paradigm slightly to the left, more to the center, there's bound to be another great awakening within the minds and hearts of men, take note of what Carl Pope said. It's happening right now in America, if you blink though you might miss it.

With all that said let's hear it for No. 6!!!!

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